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We have noticed over the years that there is a large swing in online purchases, everything from groceries to general household items, and now a trend with Gravestones. Online purchases drive out brick-and-mortar small businesses which in turn depletes the workforce and the ability to provide for families which turns into more crime, hungry children, higher taxes and the list goes on. Think about this, do you save money at the grocery store by using the self-checkouts “NO” You just help the stores keep employment down and retain more profits for executives.

Our Commitment

As the owner of First Call Cemetery Monuments Ltd. I have noticed a growing number of competitors’ websites offering the public the opportunity to select, design & purchase a Gravestone for their loved one online. I know in this fast-paced world we live in this may seem like a good idea at the time, but everything we seem to do nowadays is online. I suppose it may be easier, possibly less emotional, though I wonder if my loved one passed away would I want to purchase their memorial in the same way as I would order a package online? The memory of the one you lost is a treasured one, take the time needed to ensure that the Gravestone you place is completed with all the care and attention to detail as the life they lived and the love you shared. Buying online is not always the most cost-effective, more times than enough you will end up overpaying and not getting all the options you would by visiting a showroom. I built First Call Monuments so many years ago with the intention to offer families as many options as possible and at the lowest price point I can (I am not saying everything we sell is the cheapest you will find, however, if you factor in service and commitment to quality we are hard to beat). Over the years we have grown from offering local service to now having a fleet of trucks that can service Alberta and Saskatchewan with seasonal service to Hay River, Yellowknife, BC & Manitoba, and have shipped Gravestones as far as PEI. If your looking for the best service and price then please give my showroom a call and speak with one of my family members so that they can assist you, if you are from out of town my daughter Kayla or daughter-in-law Ann can go over everything via phone, text, email and will work with you until the memory of your loved one is honored in the way fitting to them.

Brad Westwell


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